Used car

Why buy a used car?

What is a used car?

A used car is a car that is no longer new and is
offered for sale. Its owner therefore sells it second-hand, after having used
it. The used car is opposed to the new car and differs from the 0km car, which
are cars that have never been driven.

Paying less

The purchase of a used car is mainly justified by
financial motives. Indeed, these vehicles have the advantage of being much cheaper
than new cars, with a purchase cost up to 40% lower. Another argument that will
appeal to the most far-sighted: the discount of a second-hand car is less
important than that of a new car, which loses much of its value in the first
year after purchase. As for the impatient, they can count on the immediate
availability of the vehicle.

Where to buy a used car?

Drivers have several options for buying a used car.

Buying on a website

Some classified ad sites offer to put the seller and
the buyer directly in touch. Here are the advantages of buying a used car

No administrative formalities;

Sometimes very attractive prices;

No moving (in most cases, you will be delivered);

Reduced delays.

But don’t underestimate the black points of buying
online, which are as follows:

Less choice;

Possibilities of scams or lack of security in the

No trade-ins offered.